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Anderson’s League of Leaders is an organization founded by starting shortstop of the Chicago White Sox, Tim Anderson. As a Tuscaloosa native, Tim founded the organization in 2017, in memory of his best friend, Branden Deon Moss.

Branden Deon

Branden Deon Moss

On May 7, 2017, after celebrating the graduation of one of his best friends, Branden Moss, a 2012 Hillcrest High School graduate, died while helping a victim of a brutal, violent beating. While trying to help the assault victim, Branden was shot several times and killed. This senseless act of violence initiated the founding of Anderson’s League of Leaders, an organization dedicated to continuing the legacy of Branden Moss. Since being founded, Anderson’s League of Leaders has been committed to providing a helping hand in Tuscaloosa, AL and Chicago, IL communities through various acts of service in the community. In just a short amount of time, Anderson’s League of Leaders has acquired over 100 volunteers, hosted four back to school drives giving close to 600 free haircuts, donated $2,000 in scholarships, and donated a total of $12,000 to nonprofits with similar missions as ours. Anderson’s League of Leaders has also formed several noteworthy partnerships, Youth Guidance’s BAM and WOW programs, and Turning Point Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults Services.

The purpose of Anderson’s League of Leaders is to build leadership characteristics within the youth of the community, especially in circumstances associated with violence (domestic, gang, and guns). Through aid, service, scholarship, and mentorship, Anderson’s League of Leaders aspires to bring positivity, safety, and unity to the community.

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